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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday?

I suppose it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the one year anniversary of  I wasn’t even aware it was today until a  Kindred Spirit let me know.
As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I am planning a remodeling of sorts.  I figure now would be a good time to make the “Big Announcement.”
Since I have seemed to usurp the Bacon Family’s Digital Domain, I am going to be looking into ways to make, this Blog and the Facebook page a haven for all things Bacon Family related.  No it will not be another bandwagon website pawning all the inane, bacon-themed trinkets that have become so popular.  It will focus on the family;  The people who make up our genetic gene pool and so proudly bear the name which undoubtedly caused some taunting in the formative school years.
Some of the ideas I have include opening up email addresses (, setting up pages where family can look up histories posted by other  Bacons, maybe offer Skype service for Bacons to reach out to one another.  I’m open to suggestions.
Some of the challenges to this will be competing with Facebook which does many of the social interaction things I’m considering here and which almost 1/3 of the population of the entire planet uses.  Another challenge is the actual implementation of some of those ideas.  I am definitely not a web designer.
As time permits, and my web design skill expand, I will incorporate the changes and announce them here, here, and here.
So as the first blog post title says, “Save this spot... I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing yet.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You gotta start somewhere...

As the title says, "You gotta start somewhere."

I'm going to try relocating my blog here since the original site was created using iWeb which is OK for getting a basic site started but not so good for even moderately advanced features such as allowing comments in a blog.  Hence this page instead.

Um...that was an unreasonably long sentence.
My apologies.

I recently received a couple of emails from visitors to my site which I hadn't realized was even getting visitors at all.  Apparently my StatCounter codes were not set up correctly.  They appear to be working now and the visitor count was surprisingly high:  28 page loads and 11 unique visitors.  Those numbers, and some encouragement from a good friend have convinced me to give this whole blog/website thing another shot.

I have been tossing around some ideas for re-purposing the website and possibly (eventually) getting more people directly involved in its content and function.  We'll see.  I'm still in the concept phase and the design part is still a ways off.

The same goes for the design and content of this blog page.  I haven't used before and haven't poked around all the inner workings to see what widgets/gadgets are available or useful.  I'm still not even sure on the color scheme yet.  

Please bear with me.